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“A Former Inmate” Support Group Meeting



Colossians 1:13 - He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, in whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins.

Resurrection Life is a monthly former inmate support group meeting. A group of redeemed and faithful former inmate’s men and women now living new lives in Christ Jesus. We have heard and accepted the “call to action.” Follow Me, Jesus!


You are invited as we assemble together for a great time of worship and intercession along with the sharing of God’s word and powerful life transforming testimonies. We have by faith taken our position on victory ground. We are a group of believer’s continuing to fight the good fight of faith promised through the life of Christ Jesus. We have learned that we are more than conquerors because of the Cross of Christ.


It is our prayer that as we come together in fellowship and prayer that hearts will be encouraged and our spirits lifted up, knowing that our labor is not in vain, in the Lord.


We have come to believe that there is nothing better than serving the Lord Jesus Christ and reaching out to others with the love of God. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


Date: New Date TBA) -

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Location: New Location (TBA)

Contact Person: Chaplain Dennis Reid - 407-948-8320

Clothing The Indigent

"Take away the filthy garments from him; behold I have clothed thee with change of raiment; and they clothed him with garments."


Mission Statement:

To provide new or freshen clothing for indigent inmates under our ministry scope prior to their release from incarceration and post-release.


It has always been a great need for those being released from the Orange County Jail, that is, the dire need for new or freshen clothing to put on at the point of their release. Many men and women want a second chance at starting their life over in a positive manner, but upon their release they either have no clothing or the same dirty clothing they wore at the time of their arrest 6 months to a year ago.


Our goal is simple:

Prior to their release - a new perspective on life, support to live out this new lifestyle and new clothing for the new person at the time of their release. We believe that as we live and teach newness in Christ it is a tremendous encouragement for those individuals being released from jail to be newly clothed.


Inmates of the Cross Ministries is an Orange County, Florida community based jail ministry. If you have any questions pertaining to this community outreach please feel free to contact me.


Contact Information:

Chaplain Dennis Reid P.O. Box 770694 Winter Garden, Florida 34777 Phone: 407-948-8320 Email:



Our annual Christmas Toy Drive is a special time of year that we are able to share the love of Jesus

Christ by providing new Christmas gifts to the children of those incarcerated at the Orange County

Corrections Department in Orlando, Florida.


We have had the pleasure ever since 2012 to facilitate in the blessing of giving good gifts to these

little ones which has been a tremendous help to their families in their time of need.


It is truly a treat to these children to receive gifts at Christmas time. Therefore, we believe that

these precious children of inmates should not be forgotten because of the life choices by their

parents. And, what a joy for the custodial parent to experience the blessing of radiant smiles on the

faces of their children on Christmas morning. Tears of Joy!

This Holiday Celebration is made possible by the hand of God touching the hearts of our community

partners, churches and individuals as they donate gifts unconditionally and faithfully.  Therefore, we

are honored and privileged to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ is the lives of these

special children and families at Christmas time.

*Sponsored by Inmates of the Cross Ministries a Florida registered 501(C)3 organization.

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