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Inmates of the Cross is a ministry of former inmates that has been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ.  A group of people able to help you out once you are released from jail or prison. They are living testimonies of the truth that former inmates can live a new lifestyle void of crime & incarceration. By the grace of God they are living a life of victory and you can too. Remember God restores your past, organizes your present and prepares you for the future blessings. 

God Bless you!   
Ramon Maysonet
Spanish Chaplain Former Inmate

In the last seven or eight years I have been developing a prison ministry, and as you can probably imagine, such a task is quite difficult at best. It becomes a bit challenging at times but I have been very fortunate to have a friend to encourage me along the way. That friend is Dennis Reid. Dennis is the founder and president of a prisoner aftercare organization called “Inmates of the Cross Ministries”. Over the years, I have been fortunate to see Dennis develop an organization that is making a difference in the lives of men and women who are coming out of our jails and prisons.


Here in Orange County, Florida we have the 16th largest jail in United States. Along with our many state prisons, we have many hundreds of men and women being released from local prisons and jails weekly that desperately need the help that Dennis and Inmates of the Cross provides. I encourage all those who have a compassion for ex-prisoners and a passion to help them to get behind  Inmates of the Cross Ministries and support them whole-heartedly.

Lawrence Walsh  
Founder and President  Final Freedom Aftercare, Inc.

I started drinking and smoking at an early age. It was fun so it seemed. In my mid 20's I stopped smoking cigarettes but continued to use drugs and alcohol.  I realized that I had a very serious problem and I tried many times to stop on my own, but I just could not do it. After years of still using drugs, I just could not take it any more, so I went to God and asked him for help. I am thankful I was smart enough to surrender myself to God and let His will be done in my life. I am also very thankful to be a part of Inmates of the Cross a ministry that helps people like me to continue living out my new found faith in Jesus Christ. I am convinced that without spiritual support through a ministry such as Inmates of the Cross (a network of former inmates) dealing with everyday life issues would be very difficult. 

 Clarence Haywood Inmates of the Cross

I have seen Inmates of the Cross grow from one tiny little seed into a blessing of a ministry reaching out to prisoners all the way in South America .  I have brushed shoulders with men and women at their ministry meetings whose stories astound me.  

They are more than conquerors and have faced situations, obstacles, and challenges that would break most people.  They have allowed God to transform their lives and have humbly learned from their mistakes but are still treated poorly by society due to their past yet they continue to press on.  This ministry is a haven to them, to their souls.  It is a place in a very harsh world that they can find comfort and be reminded that they are loved by someone far greater than you or I.  This ministry is one of the most dedicated ministries I have ever come across. Week after week, they are there with an open door and a cup of coffee ready to listen and give a word of encouragement to whomever wanders in.  They are always pressing forward, always looking and praying and seeking ways to reach out and help transform these lives.  I am blessed to know them, blessed to call Brother Dennis Reid and his wife my friends, and grateful there are people out there like him who remind us all to look past what these fallible mortal eyes of ours see, into the heart that God only knows. 


Rebecca Bauman Inmates of the Cross

Inmates of the Cross and Dennis Reid / Founder was a God sent to me. I was lead to find someone to make the ministry God placed on my heart whole and complete. As I began to talk with Dennis which we met through a mutual friend, God placed a humbling spirit over me which gave me the ability to receive the blessing in which had been praying. Inmates of the Cross has brought Sister Secrets Christian Counseling into fruition and stretched our wings to take the counseling into Orange County jail. In there we are able to reach and teach the bible to lost souls and led them to Christ. In being a part of Inmates of the Cross Ministries, I have been exposed to all kinds of people with various backgrounds banding together and pressing on to find lost souls, not only in jails or prisons, but everywhere and bring them to Christ Jesus. Therefore, it is my pleasure to be joined together with  Inmates of the Cross Ministries  along with Dennis Reid and his wife (Joan) to encourage, teach, preach, and pray for those in jails & prisons, and those being released back into society. My prayer is that God would continue to lead us to the promise land of goodness where He abides all of us to come carrying the lost souls of this world with us. 

Sandra Walker 
Founder / President Sister Secrets Christian Counseling Ministry

When you first meet Dennis Reid founder of Inmates of the Cross, you can't help but be overwhelmed with the presence of the Holy Spirit in this leader. 

Inmates of the Cross is a ministry that gives hope, not only emotional and spiritual, but provides help overcoming obstacles that ex-prisoners face as they rebuild their lives.  Inmates of the Cross is a visible reminder of God's story of redemption for us all.

Angie Winn, 
Vice-President of Leadership and Organizational 
Performance,  CNL Financial Group

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